Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Hanging Chairs Vs Regular Furniture

Indoor hanging chairs are an exciting addition to any room in your home. If you want to install a hanging chair outdoors on a deck or patio, you’ll feel the same excitement as it is a perfect complement to your regular outdoor furniture.
Pros of Hanging Chairs
These chairs have multiple advantages – and some downsides – when compared to regular furniture, whether indoors or outdoors. Fabric hanging chair-hammocks are the most popular and have the advantages of a hammock as well as a chair.

  • They are aesthically pleasing and interesting;Hanging chairs are stylish additions to any room. When installed outdoors, they are an aesthetic addition to your yard.
  • Relatively easy to install;Installing hanging chairs are an ideal do-it-yourself (DIY) project for the marginally-talented homeowner.
  • Incredibly comfortable for adults and kids;Hanging chairs are supremely comfortable for both adults and children. Just be careful when watching TV or curled up with a book, as you might take a nap, whether voluntary or involuntary, because you’re so comfortable.
  • Offers a striking addition to your décor; andAfter installing a hanging chair, your guests will be challenged not to express their admiration for the exciting addition to your home. You will find most of these guests will want to “try out” your new hanging chair. We can only hope they don’t snore if they can’t help but take a nap.
  • In the right colors, they will complement any furniture type.Whether you match a hanging chair color to your regular furniture or your room walls, you will revel in the statement they make.
Cons of Hanging Chairs
  • You must pick an ideal location, since hanging chairs are not as “mobile” as regular furniture.Your choice of location is vital for the long-term placement of a hanging chair for (a) secure installation, and (b) to maintain your interest over time. You must install it securely to avoid any “accidents” that cause injury to family members or guests.
  • Be careful not to hang it too high off the floor or ground, making it difficult for small children or the elderly (grandparents) to get in and out of it.Whether you install your hanging chair indoors or outside, if you hang it too high, your kids and the grandparents may have a hard time getting in and out of your floating chair-hammock. While your kids will grow, the grandparents may become less, rather than more, flexible over time.
Hanging chairs are great additions to your décor (indoors) or yard (outdoors). You can make them even more comfortable by putting one or more pillows in them.
Handcrafted fabric hanging chairs, like those made by Hammock Heaven, are special, durable, and make a striking addition to any home, garden, or yard.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

If you want your Child to read more then get them a hanging chair or hammock !

Hanging chairs as well as hammocks are one of those things that everyone should own at least a single one in their house. It is best for a comfortable and restful sleep and a hanging chair is a blessing for the novel or books lovers. They can easily sit on them and can enjoy reading their favorite book with some slow amazing swings. In the same way, kids also love a lot sitting or lying down on hammock as well as hanging chair because they find it an interesting and fun thing.

If you are confused between purchasing a hanging chair for your kid, then below are some of the benefits you should consider that hanging chairs can provide to kids:

It is fun, as well as builds up the feeling of balance and enhances the kid's coordination aptitudes, muscle advancement and their general wellness as well as health.

Swinging builds the concentration in anyone which is a genuine advantage for learning.
It is the ideal withdraw for calmer youngsters and a position of reviving oasis where your kid can read, listen to music or just relax without being aggravated.

A kid feels substantially more secure in a hanging seat than in other conventional seats. This is basically because of the shaking movement and the way that a hanging seat has a shut buckle like outline where your kid can take protect for some time and accomplish inside amicability once more.
Kids require more than only a bed, their work area and chair to make their living space feel finish. An interesting and eye-discovering hanging chair can make the child's room truly alluring.

Hanging a hammock chair in your kid’s room will make them feel special and they will enjoy spending time on it. You can insist them to sit on it and read their books in this way they will love their reading time and will read books in their free time. The way a hanging chair gives swings is just like music while sitting on it. So, getting some slow swings while sitting on hanging chair and reading your favorite book is an incredible experience.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Hanging chairs vs Regular Furniture - Pros and Cons

Pros of Hanging Chairs:
  • You will experience deeper as well as more relaxed and rest full sleep.
  • You can get free from your every day back pain.
  • Hanging chair is very easy to move from one place to another.
  • It occupies very less space as compared to the regular furniture.
  • It is also very less in price as compare to the regular furniture.
  • It is easy to clean and with no more dust mites.
  • It is very comfortable.
  • If you want a new hanging chair then wasting it is not a big deal. It is less waste, lest work as well as less in cost.
Cons of Hanging Chair:
  • Only one person can enjoy sitting on it at one time.
  • If you don’t like slow swings then it is not suitable for you.
Pros of Regular Furniture:
  • It is very strong.
  • It is durable.
Cons of Regular Furniture:
  • Occupy a lot of space.
  • Difficult to move from one place to another.
  • Hard to find good quality furniture.
  • The look and quality can get spoiled if you allow any dust as well as water on it.
  • It may be very expensive.
  • A lot of them are not very comfortable.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Hanging chairs - especially for kids

Cuadro Kids hanging chair
Hanging chairs are great. If you prefer to sit than lay, then a hanging chair is for you. Hanging chairs generally only fit one person comfortably, although they are good for reading stories to small kids.
The other benefit of hanging chairs is that they have a smaller footprint. You only need about 120 x 120cm floor space to comfortably have a hanging chair indoors. For a hammock it is about 350cm x 140cm.
Kids love hanging chairs. Our kids without fail wake up in the morning and go and have a quick swing in their hanging chairs. Hanging chairs seem to encourage reading too.. for both adults and kids.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Become a hammocks affiliate and make 15%

Become a affiliate and you can earn 15% from any sales of hammocks you generate for us. Great for digital nomads and anyone else looking to add some extra income streams with very little effort.
It is so simple. You sign up, then a special link is generated that will look something like this, but with a number unique to you on the end.
http:// www.
Then you use this link to drive customers to our site, and if anyone buys within 60 days of clicking that link, then you will get 15% of the total (not including the tax/vat).
We will send the money to you via Paypal or Bitcoin.
To generate sales, you can do as little as sharing an affiliate link via your Facebook or Twitter friends, or if you want to generate an ongoing income you could make a whole website with links that refer to us.   Or you could write a blog post about our hammocks and spread it around the web. The more effort you invest, the more you will make.
If you are an expert affiliate marketeer and you have any suggestions how we can improve, please contact us.

Friday, 16 September 2016

12 years of hammocks - for freedom, the good stuff and enjoyment

I have always liked the hammock culture. The journey began 12 years ago when we didnt only just liked them but also started living on them. We started by selling a different hammock brand that already existed. As the years went by, it became clearer and clearer that it was time to start our own brand with our own philosophy behind it. Therefore, we created the hammock brand "Hamaca" which you can buy on Hammockheaven or through our resellers. The choice of name was given - in Spanish it means hammock and in Latin America hammocks have an obvious place in peoples homes.

We have learned over the years through experience especially from travel. We learned that the foreign aid system is nothing but bullshit. It solves no problem to drive around in fancy Toyota Land Cruisers, organize fine dining events and live in palaces surrounded by barbed wire. This is what much of the aid money goes to unfortunately, which we have seen in our travels. If you want to help for real - then neither taxes nor aid from large relief organizations is an alternative.

The alternative is to give people jobs! Giving them the tools and knowledge to fend for themselves - not to become dependent on state powers and grants.

So when we have been looking at the productions we have had the requirement that it should be a place where people like going to their jobs  - that the factory is managed in a "fair" way. It is a necessity not only for consistency but also to ensure the quality of the products. Here you can see my interview with Marta who is supervisor of hammock factory in Colombia.

Another important aspect is that - whenever possible - find creative ways to reduce environmental impact. Preferably by using something that already exists - like recycled cotton. The cotton in this case comes from garments in the US which then is made into yarn in Mexico and sent to the factory in Colombia. This is not only using something that already exists - this also means that we dont need to use land to grow cotton. Huge quantities of water is used for producing cotton - which means that the recycled cotton is a much more environmentally friendly option than the organically produced one.

Recycled cotton and "cadejos" along the edge - with attention to detail.

I've never enjoyed working in a large organization being hired by someone else. I prefer my own race even if we are not allowed to operate the business how we actually would want to. But we get a lot more freedom. Our business model looks a little different because it is based on being "mobile" to suit our nomadic life.

Those who get jobs from us are also self employed. So no one owns anyone. We do what we can to make things float so most people who work with us have done it for quite some time. I guess that they enjoy it. Which is a part of our philosophy of course.

The cornerstone of the business is that we should sell high quality products that people want, which is extra colorful and with beautiful though through details. Therefore we actually spend quite a lot of time to work with the design. It is one of my favorite pieces of the business. When we were in Colombia last year I made new a new design for a hammock that was fairly easy to produce but had fine handcrafted details. There it was - the Artesano-hammock.

Because our livelyhood is hammocks we must make sure its smooth selling them. It should be easy for our resellers. Therefore we offer dropshipping and an affiliate program so that anyone could make money on our hammocks without having to buy stock from us.

We also think that anyone should be able to find a hammock that suits that person, so we offer an extensive range of all kinds of hammocks to be sure to appeal to all tastes and requirements and also that you should be able to find hammock related products such as hanging chairs, stands and hammock ropes etc. Therefore, there are 100's of products in stock, which is sent out from our Cambridgeshire warehouse for quick next day delivery which you can see on

I hope you find that hammocks are wonderful necessities. If you like them and want to help us to continue to live a little more free and peaceful nomadic life on them, you are welcome to shop at or tell people that we exist. Recommendations are everything for us!

I have written an article about 12 ways of using hammocks - they are so much more than just a colorful piece of cloth to hang between two trees in the summer. In countries where hammocks are traditionally used they are placed in the homes. Once you discover how comfortable and flexible they are - there is no turning back!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

New hammocks have arrived

New hammocks were delivered to us today! We are photographing them from now and a couple of days. Soon you will be able to buy them on

Some of the new hammocks

Children having fun playing with the carry bags..

Artesano hammock - true craftmanship

Summer is not finished yet. Its been a very long one..we had two really hot weeks. Well, its perfect for hammocking and swimming and we dont mind it at all.

Although many of us are happy with the long summer we just want to remind you that hammocks are as good indoors as outdoors. In traditional "hammock countries" hammocks are an obvious part of the interior design - mostly used in lounges and terraces as well as bedrooms. 

You will find hundreds of hammocks and hanging chairs on for immediate dispatch. 

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The boat from India with the new deckset has just arrived. We are well stocked up with deckset ‪#‎hammock‬ and stand sets and postura‪ #‎hammockstands‬. You can buy them on

Thursday, 14 July 2016

A ship comes loaded with hammocks!

At last, our hammocks are on the way from Colombia. There are a lot of new colors and nice new models on the way, as well as old time favourites such as popular models like the mammoth and Playa hammock. We like to keep track of where our deliveries are. They are on this boat right now. You can find our full range of hammocks on

That is located precisely here at this time of writing.

Right now the bucket and is about 18 degrees where I am so I had happily swapped with the boat!Hopefully it turns soon and then we can enjoy get hit a little tropical atmosphere when it stopped raining with hammocks instead. Our hammocks found on - there are 100's of hammocks and hanging chairs in stock, many positions and a lot of accessories, such as various ropes and sling table.

Mammoth hammock

Beach hammock

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Water hammocks for summer

Did you know there are hammocks that you can have in the water? Well now you know. Check out these hammocks and other floating things that you can buy on

Perfect for holidays and hot weather! We always bring one or two if we can on holidays to hot places.
Folds up small, easy to inflate, and lots of fun.

Order one today and you will have it tomorrow.

Paul of hammockheaven enjoying a water hammock in the sea in Sweden

For all other hammocks, hanging chairs, stands and accessories check out

Monday, 4 July 2016

Buckden Parade

We happily supported Paul's parents village parade in exchange for a nice banner!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Did you know that you can ask a question anytime?

We have live chat as an option on where you can ask any question and where one us will answer your question straight away if we are online. So if you dont want to call or email us - and want the quickest possible reply choose live chat.

Our customer service staff is available during office hours, but mostly in the summer, me and Paul who are the people behind hammockheaven will also be answering any questions that we see pop up on our screen in the evenings and weekends too, which maybe is a little bit unexpected but we prefer to deal with things as soon as possible and especially during the summer when we have high order volumes.

We think that we answer most of the questions in our "information" section on the menu on the left side which is a great resource and where you hopefully will find the answer, however there are always new questions so thats why we are quick on the live chat, email and phone to answer them!

Thursday, 30 June 2016

£5 shipping to all EU countries this July

After Brexit and with a weak pound, we thought now would be a good time to offer our customers throughout Europe a great opportunity.

If you want your hammock delivered to any of the EU countries (list below), we will ship it there with UPS for just £5. Delivery usually takes about 3 working days.

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Choose Iguana hammock for this summer

We needed to sell a hammock that wasnt expensive but still would be that little extra that people look for when they look for speciality hammocks that are something more than just a regular hammock. So we designed the "Iguana". It is a colourful hammock with stripes of different width, and the traditional Colombian chain links on the cords called "Cadejos". The hammock comes with a handy carry bag which you easily can turn into a pillow by putting in something soft, like a jumper or towel in it.

The fabric is made from 100% recycled cotton, so it is gentle on the environment. Being cotton, it is soft and breathable and very comfortable to lay in. It is brightly coloured and machine washable. The size is just right to be comfortable for one adult - but there is space for more  :) There are a lot of colours to choose between.

The HAMACA hammocks are made in a factory where we have full insight in how they are made and where we can be made sure that the staff is getting paid decent wages and treated well.

So if you are looking for a gorgeous hammock with a great price tag that is made with quality, beauty, comfort, and sustainability in mind look no further.

Go to the website to find Iguana hammocks here

Do you like the design? Maybe you would like a matching hanging chair also.

To see all our products and for expert advice - go to

Monday, 20 June 2016

New Hammock Heaven Catalogue

Hello fellow relaxers...

We have just sent out 4000 of our shiny new hammocks catalogues.

If you want one, just send us a message and we will get one in the post to you as quick a you can say "hammock hammock hammock hammock hammock"

If you want it instantly.. you can download it here.. but if you are already online, you may as well just look at the website -

It includes a couple of discount codes for our other sites and

Order your catalogue today - just email

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Simply Hammocks

We are pleased to say that are now selling our Hamaca range of hammocks. started in 2009, and to date have been focussed on selling the Amazonas range of hammocks. To broaden and complement their current range they have added some Hamaca hammocks including the Deck Sets which are available in 4 colours coming with padded hammocks, with an XL version. also sell the Corda rope hammock and the matching hanging chair.

If you are interested in becoming a trade customer, please email

Sunday, 22 May 2016

This is how simply you put together and apart our hammock and stand set

Are you missing trees in your garden and want to put a hammock up? No worries, you can just put a hammock and a stand up. We have an affordable range of high quality padded basket weave american style hammock with a stand set that we call "Deck set". It is weatherproof so you can just leave it out all summer. The Deck set costs just £139.94 including next day delivery. It only takes 2 minutes to set up and it is really quick to take apart as you in the videos below.

You can order the Deck set hammock and stand sets HERE

Assemble deck set hammock and stand set.

Disassemble Deck set hammock and stand set.

Find all our products on - we have a complete range of hammocks, hanging chairs, stands, ropes and accessories.

Do you want to sell our products? You will find we have competitive prices for top quality hammocks  as there is no middle men. We design and have our own hammocks produced with the ethics and environment in mind. We make it really easy to sell our hammocks whether you want to do it in your webshop or store - find out more information on or contact us HERE

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Hammock picnic in Prague

An aspiring hammock-model I think!

I love the hammock business. Its nice to provide the world with such an essential for relaxation!

The cotton hammocks are produced in Colombia and they are not made of any type of cotton - they are made of recycled cotton that was previously clothes coming from the US. Cotton production uses up huge lot of water. Also organic cotton. So recycled cotton is actually kinder to the environment.

Raya Sunset hammock

These lovely hammocks are made in my designs in a small production in Colombia where a lot of people have worked for a long time because they are happy with their job. We regularly go to Colombia to check that the working environment and high quality is maintained. We also have a production in India where our travel hammocks and hammock and stand sets are made in a proper factory in the south. We created our own brand "Hamaca" and started selling it last year.

We have a warehouse in Sweden for our swedish shop Hamaca and one in England for our english shop Hammockheaven from where we send hammocks to all over the world. We are looking for resellers in Czech republic, if you are interested in this and want to sell through a webshop or regular shop please contact us here. We make it really easy for webshops - all data and pictures are ready to upload and you dont even need to keep stock if you want.

Anyway, we just had some new hammocks sent here to Prague, that needs photographing. We would love some help from worldschoolers with "modelling" in them - basically just relax in them - so that we have photos of not just ourselves on the website. We have quite a lot of hammocks and stands that we will sell afterwards. So if you want a hammock that nobody else have here that is made consciously you can grab a great bargain now. The hammocks are stored in Brevnov near the end of the Ladronka-park.

I plan to have a worldschooler hammock picnic next Saturday here in our garden or in Ladronka where I can show how to hang the hammocks and all the different kinds of them, where they can be tried out, played in, photographed and sold to the lucky ones.

Do you want to buy hammocks or come to that picnic? Please send a message on the box on our worldschooling blog here

You can buy our hammocks on Hammockheaven for next day delivery. The new hammocks will be on the site in a couple of days.
Worldschoolers relaxing in the garden in Prague!

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

12 ways and reasons to use your hammock

Add a hammock table for extra lazyness :)

Did you know how versatile hammocks really are? There are so many uses apart from just lazying in them. I'll share some of our best tips!

1. Relax and de-stress

Of course the hammocks are great for breaks and lazy summer days. Besides that it can be used as a safe haven to wind down in stressful situations. Sometimes when life is challenging its actually best to stop struggling and take a deep breath, relax in a hammock and then plan ahead.

2. A hammock can be a place where great ideas are born!

Be creative. Alone or better - invite your partner and a friend to your hammock. Get some good music, some snacks, beers and whatever that helps you enjoy your time in the hammock and chat endlessly into the late hours. Some of our best ideas started in a hammock :).

3. Kids heaven!

Hang up a hammock for the kids and relax in another hammock while your kids swing in that one.

4. Great for pregnancy

Are you soon going to give birth? A hammock is a great place to rest in when you are pregnant and tired and then when those contractions start that aren't strong enough so that you have to go to hospital but too painful for you to do anything else. Listen to meditation music and swing in your hammock and sense the pain lessen. (I used hammocks for two pregnancies)

5. Use when you breastfeed

A hammock and hanging chair has been indispensable when I was breastfeeding my children when they were really small. The hammock/hanging chair is easy to arrange with pillows so that you can keep your hands free and go on your smart phone, read a book or whatever you feel like doing while the baby sucks away,

6. Sleep

Hammocks are great places to sleep in. You might find that a hammock might be more comfortable than your bed!

7. Extra place for people to hang out in

If you are having a lot of people over and don't have enough sitting area hammocks and hanging chairs are great as you can hang them up on hooks and ropes and take them off when you don't use them, and they are very affordable as well.

8. Use as baby crib

Hang the hammock or hanging chair low and use as a crib for your baby (and put a large pillow underneath just in case) The swinging will settle your baby for longer.

9. A Hammock-Party! 

Have a party in a hammock! In our Supernova hammock you can be as many people as you like almost. This hammock can take an incredible amount of weight - the problem is, will you find a rope or tree that is strong enough? So maybe its better with up to 6 people at a time in the hammock!

10. For ADHD-therapy

Have you got kids with ADHD? Hammocks are used in therapy since long time as they have a calming effect.

11. Work from a hammock! 

As we travel now we don't always have a place to hang the hammock from, but whenever we do, we use it for work when we don't use it for play or relaxation. As long as the battery lasts and when the sun isn't too bright.

12. Excellent for travelling

Use a hammock as a temporary place to rest in when you travel! When we travelled in Thailand last year our night train was delayed several hours. There was nowhere to sit down but there were two posts. Our kids could sleep in the hammock while we waited!

You can find our extensive range of hammocks and hanging chairs on - we deliver next day in the UK and within a couple of days to the rest of the world!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

5 hammock ideas for your garden

Spring is in the air. I just love it when the sun and warmth come out after a long time of cold and darkness. Peoples mood changes. Its amazing to see how it shifts and how much easier and happy life becomes. One of our favourite ways of increasing happiness is of course to relax in a hammock.

Its time to it bring out and enjoy life! Here are some different ideas for hanging hammocks.

  • Use the Siberia Large larch wooden stand that looks impressive in a large garden when you dont have anywhere to hang up your hammock from.
  • A deck set hammock and stand set is perfect for smaller gardens. It doesnt take up much space and contains all the bits you need. The hammock is weatherproof and the Deck set is available at a bargain price. 
  • Two trees in the garden with about 3.5-5 meters between them? Use our tree band hammock ropes and hang up a springy green hammock like Cayo Lime between them.

  • Live in a place in a city without garden? Take the hammock with you too the park! Our travel hammocks are lightweight and easy to hang up and take down with their built in ropes and hooks. Check out the Travock travel hammocks that are available in many colours.

  • Only one tree? Put a hook on the wall like Easy+ and hang with Tree bands from it and the tree that you have. Small garden? Use a smaller hammock like Iguana Lemon.

    We are hammock designers and make our own hammocks in Colombia and India with fair working conditions. As we are the producers you will find that the prices are low for our high quality hammocks as we dont have any middlemen. Welcome to have a look at more hammocks on