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Cashmere Hat

Cashmere Hat

A guide to cashmere hats
What are some advantages and disadvantages of a cashmere hat when compared to hats made from regular wool.

8 Advantages of a Cashmere Hat

  1. Softer – a cashmere hat feels very soft. Do you find that wool hats make you itch ? They make my head itch, that’s for sure. A cashmere hat won’t make your head itch. It’s funny how people find it hard to resist stroking cashmere.
  2. Lighter – a cashmere hat weighs less than a wool hat. I don’t think you really notice this unless you have a hat with a giant bobble on top, so it’s a small advantage. Although when packing for a flight when every gram counts, then a cashmere hat could make the difference.
  3. Warmer – Due to the very thin thickness and the structure of the cashmere fibre more air is trapped in a more stable way. This insulates. This is what makes a cashmere hat warmer that a wool hat
4. Looks good – There is something about items knitted in cashmere which looks great. Due to the fibre being fine and the knit being small, it means that the final object has quite a smooth finish and a slight sheen. They don’t look unnaturally shiny like some fibres, they just have a lovely soft sheen which says quality.
5. It is the best fibre – Let’s be honest, we all love to have the best of something in any category. A wool or cotton hat might do the job fairly well, but when you can have the best there is for a manageable price increase, then it is hard to resist
6. Durable – A decent cashmere hat will last many hundreds of wearings. I always wear one of our reversible cashmere hats from September to March, and have had my current cashmere hat for about 4 years. That must add up to about 600 days of wearing it. It is still in very good condition.
7. Hard to lose – Maybe just because it is something that is a little more special than a regular hat. Also it looks unique. A cashmere hat from Mypashmina actually is unique to Mypashmina. Maybe we should try getting shops to stock them!
8.Easy to wash – You can just chuck your cashmere hat in the washing machine. MAKE SURE you use the wool or delicates cycle. They come out fresh and like new every time. Do not cook them at 60c and 40c is more likely to fail than succeed.

3 Disadvantages of a Cashmere Hat

  1. Price – It costs a bit more than a wool hat. Having said that, I have seen plenty of wool hats for higher prices than our cashmere hats, so this is not really a disadvantage if you are buying from Mypashmina.co.uk.
  2. People might stroke your head – Yes, they really do.
  3. Jealously – people will envy your new cashmere hat.

4 Reasons To Buy A Cashmere Hat From Mypashmina

  1. Credibility – We have been in business since 2002. We started with pashminas and added knitwear in about 2004. We still have some of our customers from the very first years buying now. I have seen 2 names I recognise from those early days in the week that I wrote this article.
  2. Quality – We regularly send our cashmere for testing at SGS labs. We find out the fibre length, width and whether any other fibres have been mixed. They never are. 
  3. Unique designs – very few people will have the same hat as you. 
  4. Free shipping and no hassle returns and everything you would expect in terms of service. 

View Mypashmina hats on the cashmere hats page

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Garden Hammock - A Guide To Hammocks

Garden Hammock - A Guide

What is a Garden Hammock ?

Let’s define garden hammock to start with.

GARDEN – a piece of ground adjoining a house, in which grass, flowers, and shrubs may be grown.
HAMMOCK – a bed made of canvas or rope mesh suspended from two supports by cords at both ends. ( Oxford Dictionary )
Oh wow! Look how thorough we are being. There is no room for confusion here.

Why Buy A Garden Hammock ?

  • A hammock is a great place to relax. If you want to relax in your garden right now, what are you going to lay on ? A hammock is always going to be comfortable and ready. It would usually be placed in such a way that the sunlight is dappled through the leaves. A blanket on the ground will feel cold and damp after a while, and a lounger just is not as comfortable.
  • A place for fun. It’s always fun to have more than one person in a hammock. Children really like it and the giggles can be heard from miles around!
  • A proper hammock makes your garden look nice. Just take a look at our collection for the best looking hammocks available to buy today.
  • If you are trying to sell a property, putting a hammock up in the garden makes it more appealing. A garden hammock could be the best investment you even made!
  • A focus point – a hammock helps to define part of the garden for relaxing as opposed to cultivation etc.
  • As a gift, especially as a house-warming gift. A hammock in the garden helps to make a house in to a home.

Things To Think About When Buying A Garden Hammock

  • How big is the space between the trees. Your new hammock should not be too long for the space, but it can be quite a lot shorter. It doesn’t have to be a perfect fit, the ropes will take care of that. You can allow from 0cm to 300cm on each side of the hammock and it will work perfectly.
  • If you have only one tree, or no trees then you will need to look at buying a hammock stand. You can always attach one end of the hammock to a tree and the other end to the house or veranda with a hammock hook.
  • You should check that the hammock is washable. All hammocks are washable, but it is easier with a hammock that you can put in the washing machine compared to one that you would need to hand wash in a bath. For example a spreader bar hammock.
  • If you only have one tree, or if your trees are arranged in such a way that the hammock would be hung across a thoroughfare, then it might be better to get a hanging chair or two.
  • If you have a small garden, you will need to consider how much space the hammock takes up. Although it is hard to imagine a garden so small that the hammock won’t be an improvement. Many people use up there balconies with a hammock and just winch it up out of the way when they need the space for other activities.

4 Tips For Using Garden Hammocks

  • You don’t have to hang your garden hammock around the main trunk of a tree. If it is a good size tree you might have lots of suitable branches which will increase your options when it comes to finding the perfect angle.
  • Think about where the sun will come from at different times of the day and when you are most likely to be relaxing in your hammock. In the hottest part of the day, you might want some leaves between you and the full glare of the sun, whereas in the evening when the sun is low, you might want to feel its full glow.
  • Make sure any branches you select are strong and not rotten. They don’t have to be really thick. A healthy tree will have strong branches even if they are quite thin.
  • Consider what you will be able to see from your hammock. It is better if you can see what you want from your relaxed position rather than having to move every time you want to see something.

5 Fun Ideas For How To Use A Garden Hammock

  • Use as a rain shelter. Just flip it upside down. This idea will work better with polyester or Sunbrella hammocks. The cotton hammocks will only stop the rain for a while.
  • Store toys in it off of the ground. It is a quick way to tidy up the garden and stop the lawn getting yellow marks where toys have been abandoned for days.
  • Collect fruit in it off the ground and away from the ants. Fill your hammock with apples, un-clip it, and two people can transport hundreds of apples in one heavy journey back to the house.
  • Controlling smoke signals – joke!
  • Don’t be afraid to adapt and upgrade your hammock. A cotton hammock is a piece of fabric after all, and it is easy to attach accessories such as pockets, buttons. You could add some strings and make it so you can tie it closed at the top. This works well with the biggest hammocks. Maybe you want pockets for drinks and books and everything else you need.

How Can I Use A Garden Hammock In Other Places ?

  • Well, obviously a hammock can be used anywhere it is hangable. I suppose the real question is whether you would want to.
  • One of the good things about hammocks is that they are very portable. Especially the Hamaca hammocks which come with a matching shoulder bag. You can easily set your hammock up in the park. It makes the park feel more like your garden.
  • When the weather changes you can move your hammock. First you can move it out of the garden and on to the terrace, then when that is no longer cosy, you can move it indoors. Setting up a hammock in doors is as easy as setting it up outdoors and it makes a great place to read a book.
  • You could put a hammock in your workshop. Pretend that you are going to fix or make something, then have a quick nap in your hammock.

5 Reasons a Garden Hammock Makes A Great Gift ?

  • Give it to someone who is moving house. You could even set it up in their garden ready for them. When moving house, the house usually starts off filled with boxes and disorganisation. Whereas the garden has nothing in it. Take a break from the unpacking and feel unburdened in your new hammock in the garden.
  • It also makes a house feel a bit more like a home, in about 30 seconds.
  • What is more romantic than relaxing together in a hammock. A hammock makes a lovely gift for a happy couple at any of life’s stages.
  • A hammock will be a much appreciated gift for someone who is sick or recovering from an injury. If they need peace and rest a hammock in the garden will help that to happen.
  • Children enjoy hammocks. A hammock is not only a very well appreciated gift, but it has a number of practical benefits. These range from encouraging reading (this is my own experience and assumption) , to having somewhere peaceful to relax. So, if you are a smart cookie, then get a bunch of hammocks for all those birthday parties your kids get invited to.

Is A Garden Neccessary For A Hammock ?

NO, you can have a hammock on a balcony, indoors, or in the yard, in the garage, in the workshop. You can pretty much put a hammock anywhere. You could hang it off the back of the car.
If this guide was useful to you or you have anything to add, please contact us. We want to hear feedback on everything.
Hammock Heaven is part of Mypashmina Ltd and has been online since 2004.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Advantages of Hanging Chairs and Hammocks to Motivate Reading

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Would you like your children to read more? This is a common issue with most parents after the novelty of learning to read wears off young kids. The difficulty, after your children start elementary school, is many kids associate reading with school responsibilities.

Young children often fail to realize that reading for fun also is possible. However, there are some action plans that can motivate your kids to read more.

Create a Reading Nook
Creating a special place for your kids to read is a “winner.” Regardless of the number and ages of your children, they will love having a special place dedicated to them for reading. Whether you make their reading nook indoors or outdoors, they will use it.

Equip your reading nook with a hanging chair or hammock for optimum results. Kids love hanging chairs and hammocks. Therefore, they will use their reading nook more than you think they will, simply because you installed a hanging seat or hammock.
If your children are small and young, you could install a hanging chair or hammock designed for kids, with vibrant colors. As the kids grow, you can always upgrade to adult models in reading nooks.

Why Hanging Chairs or Hammocks?

Hanging chairs or hammocks are more fun than regular chairs or sofas. Kids love hanging chairs, particularly when they know these swing chairs are for them. Children like hammocks almost as much as hanging chairs.

Even those post-toddler children, who vocally refuse to take a nap (“that’s for babies,” they often claim), often fall to sleep, like many adults, when they read (or look at the pictures) in a gently swaying hanging chair or hammock. Kids also enjoy playing, getting into and out of hanging chairs, running around, and swinging in hanging chairs and hammocks.

Advantages of Hanging Chairs and Hammocks to Motivate Reading

When you install hanging chairs and Hammocks outdoors, they offer some interesting benefits, in addition to the advantages provided when they’re installed indoors.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

I Bought a Hammock Instead of a Bed – Here’s What Happened

Sleeping in a hammock is becoming ever more popular. Many people are removing their beds in favor of a hammock. I did the same thing and I’m happy I did. Only campers and hippies formerly shouted from the rooftops, I had the “best sleep ever!” More and more non-campers and non-hippies are enthusiastically touting the benefits of hammock sleep. But, what does the scientific and medical community say about hammocks?

Research, neglected for decades, has only recently been done to examine the truths about hammock sleeping. To date, scientific and medical research confirms what ancient societies already knew.

Brief History

Central American anthropologists have discovered that ancient societies favored hammocks from a minimum of 700 years ago. Even famous explorer Christopher Columbus, after he found the Bahamas, loved “sleeping in nets between trees.”
Historians note that the first hammock probably was invented by the Greeks around 450 B.C., which is many, many years before Columbus sailed to the Bahamas. The legendary Maya people called their hammocks, “the gift of the Gods.” Most people, even scientists, previously assumed ancient civilizations chose hammocks because they were off the ground, away from dangerous spiders and snakes, or pesky stinging ants. These uneducated civilizations may have embraced other reasons, however.

Studies Found Health Benefits with Hammock Sleep

Since scientific studies have now discovered long-touted benefits of hammock sleeping, other people are taking hammocks more seriously. As always, there is (has never been) no perfect product, so hammocks deliver many benefits with only one major potential downside.


You will fall asleep faster;
You will enjoy the health benefits of deeper sleep;
You’ll have better ability to focus the next day after a restful hammock sleep;
You will improve your reading skills;
Generally, you’ll increase your learning skills;
You may find your back pain disappears;
The gentle rocking motion has proven to make you “sleep like a baby;” and
You’ll not need to contend with the dust mites common to mattresses.

Con (only one catalogued downside)

Hammocks may hurt your romantic life, as hammocks shine when you’re sleeping “solo.” Even if you and your partner are “cuddly” types, few people enjoy sleeping when “joined at the hip.” Even two person hammocks may push the envelope when your partner is a light sleeper.

Try It, You’ll Like It

As you can see, the benefits of sleeping in a hammock seriously outweigh the one downside. Consider trying a hammock for a nap or for a night. A trial should convince you of the hammock-sleep benefits you get.
If you believe your mattress caused you back pain, since hammocks often relieve back pain, what have you got to lose except your back pain? The measured increase in brain wave activity from a 2011 university study (University of Geneva in Switzerland), also improves your memory and learning ability.
While there are scientific conclusions supporting the improved sleep quality you would receive from a hammock, there is only one way for you to prove it to yourself. Give hammocks a try and see what you’ve been missing. You may refuse to miss these benefits in the future.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Hammock vs Sofa

While the title of this article may surprise you, we’ll show you how a family hammock stacks up to a sofa as a family gathering place. You may think, at first, there is little connection between a hammock versus a sofa. However, family hammocks allow the whole family, kids and all, to have more fun together than any sofa ever made.

In fact, handcrafted family hammocks come in different sizes, like those from Hammock Heaven, depending on the size of your family. From XL to XXL to Supernova family hammocks can deliver fun for your whole family, whether you have one or two kids, up to six or more.

Family Hammocks
Family hammocks are much more fun for adults and kids than sofas, even when they’re big enough to hold your entire family. These extra-large hammocks are also wider than large so-called “double hammocks,” comfortable for you and your life partner.

Many family hammocks hold up to 600 to 800 pounds of humans. They’re made with thicker cords and feature other reinforcements to hold the extra weight of the whole family.

Often, those who prefer hammocks to traditional flat beds, use double or family hammocks to better enjoy their overnight deep sleep. They find the extra length and width of family hammocks comforting for all night sleeping.

Whether installed indoors or out in the yard, family hammocks offer more fun and relaxation than sofas, however large or expensive. Your kids particularly will enjoy the gentle swaying of the hammock, while playing and relaxing with their parents.

While a sofa makes a design statement about your décor, most are not made with “sleep” in mind. If you want to take a nap, you’ll have to try different positions until you’re at least semi-comfortable.
The best feature of sofas is their mobility, meaning you can rearrange your furniture, including your sofa, with relative ease – easier than relocating your indoor hammock. However, the anchors for your hammock are unobtrusive and can easily be hidden creatively.

Outdoor sofa considerations include being sure the covering is designed to face inclement weather. Indoor sofas can quickly become ruined when used outside in the yard or on the deck/patio. Some materials have a problem drying, even if the hot sun appears after a rainstorm. Drying cushions on a sofa often is a particularly troubling problem.

While a quality family hammock is not for everyone, your family, including the kids, will love it more than a sofa. Sure, if laying on your couch is your favorite spot at home, you may not want to change it. However, when you’re laying on it, a sofa cannot accommodate multiple people.
Locating your family hammock outdoors will offer more fun than a deck or patio sofa. If you are already a hammock aficionado, you know this to be true. For design reasons, you may still want to place an outdoor sofa on the entertaining area of your yard.
Using both a sofa and a family hammock delivers a good solution to this dilemma. When you’re entertaining guests, you might use your outdoor sofa to handle multiple guests. If you’re just getting your family together, you will want to use your family hammock to surround yourself with your partner and your children.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Why We Have Low Staff Turnover in Our Columbian Hammock Factory


We have some staff that have worked in the hammock factory for 25 years. We seldom need to find new craftsmen as replacements. Since our hammocks and hanging chairs are hand-fashioned, we treasure our craftsmen and our quality control staff.
We take our mission to treat our staff as valued employees very seriously. Many of them expansively refer to good working conditions as a reason they continue to work for us. We marvel at the advantages this commitment delivers to our customers.

Why Factory Staff Turnover Is Low
We believe that our low turnover is not a function of luck, but results from our consistent treatment of our staff as “quality” craftsmen, whether they are male or female. Our hand fashioners are as dedicated to producing quality hammocks and hanging chairs as our supervisors.
In the words of Marta, our Production Manager, “. . . I check the processes to make sure that every hammock is made very well.” She has worked at our factory for over 13 years. “The majority of the people who are here have worked here for a long time.” Why?
  • They like working for us.
  • “The owners treat us very well.”
  • Each craftsman “does his or her very best at our task.”
  • We want all our customers to “be satisfied” with our quality hammocks.
  • “. . . one of the things that has made us stay her so long is that we love this company. . .”
  • Unlike some Asian factories, “. . . we always try to keep it (factory) really clean, so the products will be very good.”
  • When working with fabrics, there will always be “fluff,” but there isn’t much here because staff always keeps it clean.
  • Craftsmen take pride in carefully stitching the ends of hammocks and hanging chairs by folding the ends over and reinforcing our products for durability.
  • Staff takes equal pride in handmaking the superior sturdy ropes that keep our handcrafted hammocks and our customers out of “harm’s way.”
  • When you order a high-quality colorful hammock from Hammock Heaven, the craftsman who builds it for you probably has years of experience creating quality hammocks.
Our low turnover proves the theory that employers who treat their staffs respectfully, fairly, and generate pride of workmanship, creates an effective team who do their best to excel. In the 21st century, it can be challenging to find, train, and retain high quality employees.
However, treating them well is a rewarding approach, particularly when giving them the responsibility to create handmade products. Studies have proven that people work for companies where they are appreciated for their expertise, not only for the highest wages. Our staff consistently builds high-quality hammocks and hanging chairs – and is very proud of their company.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

5 Places to Hang Your Hammock in a Garden

The garden is a popular setting to install your favorite hammock. You can install it anywhere you feel a sense of “peace” in your garden. However, here are some suggestions to fuel your ideas for ideal places for your hammock or hanging chair.

Some Places to Hang Your Hammock in Your Garden
  • If you like to read in quiet, hang your hammock anywhere that’s quiet in your garden.Pick a place that you like, that’s quiet and peaceful, and, at least, semi-private in your garden so you can read without being disturbed.
  • Do you have a pergola in your garden? You might want to hang your hammock (attached at two poles) under your pergola top.Unless your pergola top is solid, you’ll still get some filtered sunlight. Just be careful not to nap for too long, or you’ll get a tan or sunburn with the design of the pergola roof (top) on some parts of your body.
  •  Clear a space for a family hammock if your spouse and kids like to relax with you.Does your family like to enjoy a hammock with you? A hammock large enough to fit your whole family, including the kids, is the answer. Although you may need to clear a slightly larger space in your garden, it will be worth having your family enjoy your “hammock time,” while they are surrounding you.
  • Clear a place you prefer that surrounds you with your favorite plants and flowers.Being surrounded by your favorite plantings is a perfect place for your hammock in the garden. That’s why you planted these in the first place, didn’t you?
  • Invest in a hammock stand, so you can place your hammock or hanging chair in your favorite area in your garden, without the need for trees or sturdy posts.Not all gardens are home to strong trees. If your garden is lacking trees to install your hammock, you can still pick your favorite spot, by using a hammock stand. A utilitarian or innovatively-designed, contemporary hammock stand makes it possible for you to locate your hammock in your favorite area in your garden without nearby strong trees.
Your favorite place in the garden is the best place for your hammock or hanging chair. While these suggestions are the fuel that ignites your imagination, you can place your hammock anyplace in your garden that pleases you.

Just be sure to take it down when you water your plants and flowers if you use a sprinkler to feed your plants the water they need to grow healthy and strong. If it’s sunny and hot, you may want to leave your hammock up to cool it off when you turn the sprinkler on.

There is really no bad place to locate your hammock in your garden. While you may have location preferences, use them to find the perfect place to locate your treasured hammock.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

5 Places to Hang a Hammock Indoors

Hammocks are favourite additions to your garden at home. Did you realise you can bring your hammock or hanging chair indoors, too? Many people love their hammocks so much they want to sleep in them instead of a bed. Setting up a hammock indoors is not difficult, so you’ll enjoy making this a do-it-yourself (DIY) project.

While there are literally hundreds of websites with text and/or video to instruct you how to set up your hammock indoors, there are few sites with suggestions about “where” to hang your hammock. We’re going to solve that curious problem momentarily. Stay with us.

Places to Hang Your Hammock Indoors
This issue stumps even those who love relaxing outdoors in their treasured hammocks. Don’t worry. It’s easier than you first think.
  • Your bedroomIf you love taking relaxing, rewarding naps in your outdoor hammock, you’ll probably get the best sleep of your life when you desert the traditional bed and sleep in a comfy hammock.
  • Your living or family roomYour living room, great room, or family room is another ideal place to hang your hammock. If you don’t have a DVR, you better get one, as you’ll find yourself nodding off during movies and games in your always comfortable hammock. Should you think a hanging chair is a better idea to keep you awake till the end of the movie or live game you’re watching, you’re probably wrong. It’s just as easy to find “nap time” in a hanging chair as a hammock.
  • Guest bedroomsGuest bedrooms are ideal places to hang hammocks indoors. Instead of taking up valuable space with traditional beds try hanging hammocks in guest bedrooms. You can always store them away when you’re not entertaining overnight friends or family. Your guests will love the sleep they get in a hammock, if they don’t have one in their yard now. Most of them will install one after trying out restful sleep in your “guest hammock.”
  • A sunroom or “9-month” roomA sunroom, particularly a so-called 9-month room with heat for those cool spring and fall days and nights, is an equally perfect place for your favorite hammock. While a warm, sunny spring or summer day is ideal when you have an outdoor hammock or hanging chair, installing a hammock in a sunroom, even when it’s raining outside allows you to enjoy your hammock even in inclement weather.
  • A finished basementWhen you’ve finished your basement as a game room, TV room, or “man cave,” you have a perfect place to hang a hammock indoors. Since the anchors in the walls are unobtrusive, you won’t have a problem if your finished basement has a lower than average ceiling (under 7 feet) or has a “drop” ceiling (not strong enough to hold your weight in a hammock or hanging chair).
If you love relaxing in your outdoor hammock in the yard, you’ll equally love hanging a hammock indoors in one of these places. You also may have other rooms, e.g., a home office, which might be your personal preference for installing an indoor hammock or hanging chair to be available in all types of weather.
When you’re not using your hammock, you can easily store it in small spaces. Since your wall anchors are harmless, they pose little danger to anyone. If you’re concerned with their presence when your hammock is stored, you can easily cover them with a wall hanging or a plant hanging on the exposed anchor.
As long as you carefully install your anchors into wall studs, they will be secure and support your hammock (with you in it) for long periods, e.g., naps or overnight sleeping. Regardless of the size of your home, you can install a relaxing hammock in almost any room except a bathroom or kitchen. When you’re taking a shower, or making gourmet dishes, you probably won’t want to relax in your indoor hammock or hanging chair.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Some Advantages of a Travel Hammock When You’re Travelling

Travel hammocks are increasingly popular as alternatives to tents, when you go camping, hiking, and/or travelling almost anywhere. Travelling is exciting, but, sometimes, it can become annoying, particularly when you need to navigate airport security. Yet, camping and hiking are popular, healthy alternatives.

Better than most tents, even upscale ones, travel hammocks make traveling easier and more pleasant. There are multiple good reasons why. Whether you’re traveling by car, or using public transportation, e.g., trains, travel hammocks provide distinct advantages for you. When you’re going on long hikes or camping, these advantages will be graphically evident.

Travel Hammock Advantages That Make Traveling Easier and More Comfortable
  • Travel hammocks are versatile, offering you the pick of locations where you’d like to sleep.  You can sleep wherever you’d like. Pick your location and you can set it up.
  • Travel hammocks are easy to install if there are some trees around.Just install your travel hammock, which is fast and simple, where you want it. It should only take a few minutes.
  • Travel hammocks are lightweight and ideal when packing space is at a premium (almost always).  These hammocks pack small and light. You can literally take them anywhere you want to go.
  • Safely sleep in the great outdoors, since you’re off the ground.Unlike even the best tents, you’ll sleep safely and won’t need to contend with night-hunting ground insects and arachnids (spiders).
  • In summer, you’ll love the cooling air circulation a travel hammock provides. During fall, you can line your travel hammock with a sleeping bag or insulated blanket to keep you warm and toasty.Hammocks promote air circulation around your body, without the confinement of a tent. Even on the cool nights of fall, you can place a sleeping bag in your travel hammock to keep you warm and comfy, instead of trying to sleep on the hard ground.

These are but a sampling of the many benefits travel hammocks offer you. If you like to travel and camp out in the outdoors and you love your hammock at home, you should have a travel hammock to make traveling easier – and lighter.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

I Bought A Hammock Instead Of A Bed And This Is What Happened..

Sleeping on the traditional beds is such a boring thing. It makes us feel comfortable but not at that level at which a hammock can make us comfortable and relaxed.

I decided to give hammock a try so, I went to a HammockHeaven and bought an amazing hammock. I hanged it strongly in bedroom with the perfect balance and slept on it, the whole night. The next morning, I woke up completely fresh and relaxed.
Below are some things I get to know about hammocks by experiencing it myself.
The first thing I experienced that I get asleep way too faster than I usually do at my bed. The experience of quickly falling asleep on a hammock was worth experiencing which any person who has any sleeping problem should try out.
The next morning, when I woke up, I was fresher than I usually do in the morning. Sleeping on hammock is a very comfortable thing and you will surely experience freshness and activeness in the next morning.
Usually, in the mornings, I get so much irritated on little things. But having an amazing sleep on hammock makes me so much calm that I was not even feeling irritated during finding my missing socks to go at my work place and I was searching for it while singing my favorite song. So, none of my family member have to experience my irritation and bad mood (which they usually do every morning) due to one and only “hammock”.
The best thing I find out in sleeping on a hammock is that, I don’t have to make my bed every single morning. Due to my lazy nature, the bed making in the morning is the worst thing that I usually experience. But now, due to my love “hammock”, this headache just went far away from me by making me so much happy.
Last thing which I love about sleeping in a hammock is that it gives some very slow and amazing swings that you literally feel like you are laying on a very comfortable bed in heaven. It is just like a soft music before sleep and one of the best things in hammock.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Why having a hammock in the garden makes everyone spend more time outdoors

Hammocks can make awesome addition to any outdoor spot or even your backyard. With a lot of amazing styles accessible easily in the market today, you can easily hang them anywhere. You don't need trees to support them and they can coordinate the whole look of a house amazingly from rustic to unimaginably modern. Hammocks are used by a lot of people in many outdoor places. They give a calm look to the whole place without occupying any greater amount of space. There are a lot of reason due to which the hammocks in any outdoor place such as garden or backyards can make everyone spend more time outdoor. Keep reading the articles to know those interesting reasons.

  • Due to the increasing technology, a large number of people are spending time indoor with their smart phones and laptops rather than spending time outdoor which is affecting their health in a totally negative way. In order to get fresh air they should spend some time outdoor. A wonderful hammock in the garden or backyard can insist them to spend their time outdoor with their anything they want such as laptop or mobile. They can do their work easily on the laptop by lying down on a hammock. It will make them relax, they will also enjoy their work and they will start spending more time outdoor.
  • A book or novel lover who likes a lot to read books in the spare time can have a hammock in his/her garden and he/she can enjoy reading the book outdoor with some fresh air and sun light rather than lying on your bed as always. It will make their reading experience enjoyable and they will start loving to spend the time outdoor.
  • The persons especially old citizens who love to do gardening can have the hammock in their garden. In this way they can rest at the hammock if they get tired during the gardening process. It will make them feel relax and they can continue their work after a short break at their favorite place. In this way, hammock will make them spend more time in the garden or their backyard.
  • What would be better than a sunny Sunday morning in a wonderful hammock at your garden? You can start your each day at your garden by spending some alone time with the birds lying down in hammock. It will make you feel fresh and you will start spending more time outdoor.