Wednesday, 27 July 2016

The boat from India with the new deckset has just arrived. We are well stocked up with deckset ‪#‎hammock‬ and stand sets and postura‪ #‎hammockstands‬. You can buy them on

Thursday, 14 July 2016

A ship comes loaded with hammocks!

At last, our hammocks are on the way from Colombia. There are a lot of new colors and nice new models on the way, as well as old time favourites such as popular models like the mammoth and Playa hammock. We like to keep track of where our deliveries are. They are on this boat right now. You can find our full range of hammocks on

That is located precisely here at this time of writing.

Right now the bucket and is about 18 degrees where I am so I had happily swapped with the boat!Hopefully it turns soon and then we can enjoy get hit a little tropical atmosphere when it stopped raining with hammocks instead. Our hammocks found on - there are 100's of hammocks and hanging chairs in stock, many positions and a lot of accessories, such as various ropes and sling table.

Mammoth hammock

Beach hammock

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Water hammocks for summer

Did you know there are hammocks that you can have in the water? Well now you know. Check out these hammocks and other floating things that you can buy on

Perfect for holidays and hot weather! We always bring one or two if we can on holidays to hot places.
Folds up small, easy to inflate, and lots of fun.

Order one today and you will have it tomorrow.

Paul of hammockheaven enjoying a water hammock in the sea in Sweden

For all other hammocks, hanging chairs, stands and accessories check out

Monday, 4 July 2016

Buckden Parade

We happily supported Paul's parents village parade in exchange for a nice banner!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Did you know that you can ask a question anytime?

We have live chat as an option on where you can ask any question and where one us will answer your question straight away if we are online. So if you dont want to call or email us - and want the quickest possible reply choose live chat.

Our customer service staff is available during office hours, but mostly in the summer, me and Paul who are the people behind hammockheaven will also be answering any questions that we see pop up on our screen in the evenings and weekends too, which maybe is a little bit unexpected but we prefer to deal with things as soon as possible and especially during the summer when we have high order volumes.

We think that we answer most of the questions in our "information" section on the menu on the left side which is a great resource and where you hopefully will find the answer, however there are always new questions so thats why we are quick on the live chat, email and phone to answer them!