Wednesday, 29 March 2017

5 Places to Hang Your Hammock Indoors

Beyond all the essential egotistical thoughts processes of endless calmness, indoor hammocks are very valuable. They can proved to be the best beds for guests, especially in light of the fact that they are so natural to setup and nobody will ever turn down the opportunity to rest in a hammock. At the point when not used for resting, you can utilize your hammock to store additional pillows, covers, garments, or other delicate things.

There are a lot of awesome ways in which we can hang a hammock indoor. Keep reading the article to know those ways.

A wonderful hammock in the study room will look great and you can easily lay down on it while reading your favorite book or novel. You can have an amazing experience of studying or reading while laying down on a hammock in your study room.

A hammock can also be hanged in kid’s bedroom. Kids love to sleep in hammock as they find it interesting and love to spend their time in playing on it. They can have all their toys with them in it and can spend as much time as they want.

There are a lot of stylish hammocks in market for indoor use. A stylish and wonderful hammock can be hanged at any corner in the living area. You can watch a movie by laying on it and eating your favorite snacks. The hammock will make your movie time comfortable & memorable while at the same time it will give unique look to the living area. You will surely have a great time in your living room with a comfortable yet stylish hammock.

You can hang a hammock in the guest room as well. It will provide some amazing space for guests to have some rest and you can easily hang it as it will occpy very less space. Your guests will surely find out comfortable by resting in a hammock.

Hanging a hammock in your bedroom just next to the window from where you can see the amazing outside view is amazing. You will love to spend time on it and it will look great there. It will provide you some comfortable space to rest as well as give a classy look to your room.

So, these were some ideas you can try out and have an amazing indoor hammock.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

5 Places To Hang Your Hammock In The Garden

Hammocks are an awesome approach to make you comfortable and have some rest while make the most of nature's ponder. Just lie down on a hammock in your garden and appreciate the sounds, sights and possesses an aroma similar to the Appalachian woods as you float all through a decent early afternoon snooze.

There are several ways in which you can hang your favorite hammock in the garden and can enjoy your free time. Keep reading the article to know those amazing ways.

  • The most loved place to hang a hammock is between two trees. You can do likewise in your own garden by hanging the hammock underneath your trees, in the event that you have two trees that are develop and sufficiently extensive to carry the weight. The amazing shade gave by trees makes an unwinding setting out of the sun and warmth. On the off chance that you attach your hammock to the trees directly without any support, ensure you tie it safely.
  • There may not be more comfortable and best spot in your garden to lie in a hammock than beside the pool. Not just it will give the overwhelming sunshine after a dip in your pool, however pool water will also cools the air around it, giving you a decent, cool spot to unwind on a hot summer day. Make sure to pick a hammock made with tough, every climate texture to keep any decay created by moistness and dampness from the pool.
  • A hammock can be hung at almost any place in your garden as long as you are able to hang it strongly to something. You can easily hang a hammock by putting the hooks just beside your home’s back door and can appreciate the amazing comfort there. Wooden fence posts and solid trees are other simple, sturdy spots to grapple a hammock. You will just need to ensure any of the hook and equipment you utilize is put safely to abstain from creating harm or harm to your fence, wall as well as tree.
  • Hammock stands are consummately planned and adjusted to suit generally hammocks. The accommodation gave by compact stands permits you to place them almost anyplace in your garden and in addition move them from one place to another, instead of hammocks hang to a tree or any other structure.
  • An entryway patio or a secured porch gives both shade and support to your hammock. Outside posts or walls are the ideal spots to set hooks for your hammock, and a shaded open air space offers an assuaging escape from the heat of summer. Furthermore, the shelters given by secured structures keep your hammock out of the rain, saving the hammock and increment its life expectancy.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Times when you are happy that you have a hammock

Artesano hammock from

There are times when a hammock can actually be a savior or be of great help in everyday life. Here are 10 occasions when you are glad you have a hammock with you! 

1. Your trip is delayed

There are times when a hammock becomes indispensable. If the train would be delayed several hours and you have young children who need to sleep for instance. Then check for some posts or something to hang from, and in a few moments you will have the problem solved. Check our Travel hammocks HERE - built in ropes are included.

2. When you are tired

Hang a hammock in your home, indoors or outdoors, so you always have somewhere to rest when you come home after a long day at work or you just need to rest. A real hammock is ergonomic which enables you lie with your back in a straight position so that tensions will go and you can get new energy. 

3. When you are in a tropical country

You discover that its full of bugs on the ground and the sand sticks between your toes. There are trees or posts to hang from. Get your hammock out and have a relaxing time without sand and bugs! 

4. As a new parent

A hammock is a nice place to bond with your infant. Lie on your back or side, and the let the baby find your nipple him or herself, this way be able to breastfeed in a natural and comfortable way where the baby can follow the natural instinct and you can have your hands free to do something else like reading a book. To see how to do it you can watch this. As a mother of soon 3 children, I can tell you that I thought it was awkward to hold the baby in the traditional way to breastfeed. I got back ache and wanted to have my hands free. By using this natural method and baby wraps I could get around that.

5. For children who naps in the day

Hang the hammock low and spread it out with a big pillow for babies or just put your toddler there.  The gentle swing will soothe and help your child sleep longer and more comfortable. For very young children, you can put a pillow on the floor for peace of mind. 

6. For those who like to go on hikes

Bring a hammock - and it will enhance your hike. You get a lovely colorful resting place where you can take a nap. A travel hammock weighs so little that it is hardly noticeable in the bag and it has built in ropes so you do not need to bring something extra to hang up. 

7. In your workplace

Do you have your own business or a flexible employer? Then you should try hanging a few hanging chairs or a hammock there. Those good ideas and the flow comes when you are relaxed and focused. 

8. Anyone who is minimalist

Are you living like a minimalist? Or do you not have so much furniture or a very small space? Then it is definitely a good idea to hang hammocks or hanging chairs in your room. You get a lovely area to chill out in that is both easy to clean and move around, and also is a cheap furnishing solution. Hammocks (without wooden frames) and hanging chairs are easy to keep clean. Wash at 40c if they become dirty. You can find the hanging chairs on the picture HERE. 

9. In the caravan / campervan

Remember to bring a hammock when you go on camping holidays. Then you can hang it up when you find those perfect trees on that perfect beach. 

10. When unwell or in therapy

Hammocks are recommended by therapists to children who have difficulty concentrating and ADHD. Your child can use up his or hers energy while doing something else by just swinging. Perfect for reading books and doing homework! Hammocks are also extra good to have when you are unwell. Get a good rest and you will recover a little fast or at least get a better mood.  

You will find our range of hammocks,hanging chairs and accessories such as stands and ropes on

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Why You Should Consider a Hanging Chair as Well as a Hammock

We often hear the question: Should I consider a hanging chair in lieu of or in addition to a hammock? The best answer: Yes, you should consider a hanging chair as a replacement for or, if you already enjoy a hammock, as a complement to your hammock.

Why Consider Getting a Hanging Chair

Hanging chairs are highly versatile and complement your yard and/or the interior of your home. While some people prefer fabric chairs, others, particularly if installed indoors, sometimes prefer hanging chairs with more rigid frames. Here are popular reasons to consider getting a hanging chair as well as a hammock.
  • You may prefer a hanging chair to a hammock.
    Some people report they are equally or even more comfortable in fabric hanging chairs than in hammocks. When you want to surround yourself with your spouse and kids, a hammock chair is perfect.
  • If you have kids, be aware that children absolutely love to sit, lie, and play in hanging chairs.
    Kids love hanging chairs. They like to sit in them, “cocoon” in them, and get in them. They find it easier to get in and out of hanging chairs than some hammocks. Since kids seldom stay relaxed for too long they typically appreciate the ease of getting in and out of hanging chairs.
  • You can “float around” in fabric or rigid frame hanging chairs offering similar relaxation to hammocks.
    The same gentle rocking motion common to hammocks also exists with a hanging chair. Scientists have proven it’s this gentle swaying that promote excellent, healthy sleep.
  • If you love to read, a hanging chair is ideal for focusing on the book you’re reading as well as relaxation.
    You’ll be amazed at how focused and relaxed you’ll feel in a hanging chair when you’re reading. You typically will enjoy your book or magazine even more than you normally do.
  • If you already enjoy your hammock, you should equally enjoy the gentle swaying motion of a hanging chair.
    If you love the gentle rocking motion of your hammock, you will equally love a hanging chair, as it offers the identical rocking as your hammock does.
  • A wonderful addition to a bedroom or family room, a hanging chair is a great way to maximize your comfort while watching TV movies or live sporting events.
    Hanging chairs are ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Along with being super comfortable, they allow you to enjoy TV and games in supreme comfort.
  • An indoor hanging chair makes a bold statement to any décor.
    Once in fashion, then out of fashion, hanging chairs are back as high-fashion additions to your home décor. They always make a statement. Since they come in many colors and designs, you’re sure to find an ideal complement your décor.
Whether you consider a hanging chair as an alternative to a hammock or addition to your hammock, you will be pleased with the look and comfort of these chairs. When you want to read, watch TV, or take a short nap in total comfort, consider adding a hanging chair inside or outside your home.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

A Perfectly-Balanced Hammock Is Good for You

Did you know hammocks offer the perfectly-balanced sleep position for humans? If you did not, you know it now. Even physicians consider a hammock offers the best sleep position for most of us. Many doctors say the perfect sleep position is “. . . lying on one’s back with the head slightly elevated, about 10 to 30 percent. This is postulated to give the brain optimal blood circulation rather than congestion and also allows for more unobstructed breathing.”

You can learn that many native cultures sleep this way in hammocks, “rather than on flat surfaces,” as is common to most western cultures. According to Janet Kinosian, writing for the Huffington Post in 2010 in her article “What Your Sleep Position Says About You,” she examined the link between personality and typical sleep positions.

For example, hardworking businesspersons and entrepreneurs seem to be more likely to sleep on their backs (called the royal position), while persistent, goal-oriented people seem to favor sleeping on their stomach – stomach-sleepers also appear to exhibit dominant compulsive traits.

Health Benefits of Hammocks Are Being Studied
Finally, science is realizing what native cultures have known for hundreds of years. Hammocks provide ideal sleep positions for humans, including children. Medical hammocks constantly become more popular with physicians from all types of specialties. Now hammocks are actively being used to treat premature babies, arthritis, acid reflux conditions, autism, and sleep apnea.

Scientific studies indicate that sleeping in a hammock is an effective road to better health and fitness, along with delivering deep, restful sleep to recharge your human batteries to successfully face a busy day. Quality hammocks slept in properly, with your head slightly raised, reduce stress, while eliminating the chance of falling out on the ground or floor.

A gently rocking hammock has proven to help you fall asleep faster, while having you enjoy a deeper sleep than on a traditional bed. Why gentle rocking motions encourage sleep in babies and adults remains a mystery? But it works, as every parent learns when it’s time for their babies to sleep.

A 2011 study by the University of Geneva (Switzerland) determined that participants fell asleep faster with hammock-like rocking motion, but also changed the type of sleep they enjoyed. Researchers noted a “dramatic boosting of certain types of sleep-related [brain wave] oscillations.”

During each participant’s nap or sleep time, researchers monitored brain activity with an EEG, so they had proof of the brain wave changes. While this pleasantly surprised researchers, they noted the lack of increased brain activity when there was no gentle rocking when a non-rocking traditional flat bed was involved.

The study results displayed the rocking bed heightened bursts of brain activity called “sleep spindles,” which correlate to deep sleep and “memory consolidation.” Study researchers determined the rocking lengthened the duration of “N2 sleep,” non-rapid eye movement sleep that on good nights consumes about one-half of a good sleep.

The gentle rocking you feel with a perfectly-balanced hammock when you sleep does more than give you a super nap and a good night’s sleep, but also improves your brain activity while you sleep. The scientific question fueling future studies: Will the results of this university study encourage further study to learn if hammock power can be focused on treating various sleep disorders, e.g., insomnia.
If you use a balanced hammock to nap or sleep for the night, you will enjoy the sleep of your life, and wake refreshed and alert. The rocking motion you receive from a quality hammock will only help you stimulate your brain while you get the deep sleep you need to function high levels.