Thursday, 16 March 2017

Times when you are happy that you have a hammock

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There are times when a hammock can actually be a savior or be of great help in everyday life. Here are 10 occasions when you are glad you have a hammock with you! 

1. Your trip is delayed

There are times when a hammock becomes indispensable. If the train would be delayed several hours and you have young children who need to sleep for instance. Then check for some posts or something to hang from, and in a few moments you will have the problem solved. Check our Travel hammocks HERE - built in ropes are included.

2. When you are tired

Hang a hammock in your home, indoors or outdoors, so you always have somewhere to rest when you come home after a long day at work or you just need to rest. A real hammock is ergonomic which enables you lie with your back in a straight position so that tensions will go and you can get new energy. 

3. When you are in a tropical country

You discover that its full of bugs on the ground and the sand sticks between your toes. There are trees or posts to hang from. Get your hammock out and have a relaxing time without sand and bugs! 

4. As a new parent

A hammock is a nice place to bond with your infant. Lie on your back or side, and the let the baby find your nipple him or herself, this way be able to breastfeed in a natural and comfortable way where the baby can follow the natural instinct and you can have your hands free to do something else like reading a book. To see how to do it you can watch this. As a mother of soon 3 children, I can tell you that I thought it was awkward to hold the baby in the traditional way to breastfeed. I got back ache and wanted to have my hands free. By using this natural method and baby wraps I could get around that.

5. For children who naps in the day

Hang the hammock low and spread it out with a big pillow for babies or just put your toddler there.  The gentle swing will soothe and help your child sleep longer and more comfortable. For very young children, you can put a pillow on the floor for peace of mind. 

6. For those who like to go on hikes

Bring a hammock - and it will enhance your hike. You get a lovely colorful resting place where you can take a nap. A travel hammock weighs so little that it is hardly noticeable in the bag and it has built in ropes so you do not need to bring something extra to hang up. 

7. In your workplace

Do you have your own business or a flexible employer? Then you should try hanging a few hanging chairs or a hammock there. Those good ideas and the flow comes when you are relaxed and focused. 

8. Anyone who is minimalist

Are you living like a minimalist? Or do you not have so much furniture or a very small space? Then it is definitely a good idea to hang hammocks or hanging chairs in your room. You get a lovely area to chill out in that is both easy to clean and move around, and also is a cheap furnishing solution. Hammocks (without wooden frames) and hanging chairs are easy to keep clean. Wash at 40c if they become dirty. You can find the hanging chairs on the picture HERE. 

9. In the caravan / campervan

Remember to bring a hammock when you go on camping holidays. Then you can hang it up when you find those perfect trees on that perfect beach. 

10. When unwell or in therapy

Hammocks are recommended by therapists to children who have difficulty concentrating and ADHD. Your child can use up his or hers energy while doing something else by just swinging. Perfect for reading books and doing homework! Hammocks are also extra good to have when you are unwell. Get a good rest and you will recover a little fast or at least get a better mood.  

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